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-the requiem-


Anonymous said: That photo of Matt playing tv games with a boy, who's that boy???

I remember seeing it on Twitter by the father of the boy. I am not 100% sure but it’s either a friend’s son or even his god son but if anything, take option number one as more reliable!

hailtomshadows said: It’s Chris Jericho son.

thank you, babe! :* <3

Anonymous said: I'm getting alittle tired of Avenged.... Like they're saying in order to get a meet and greet for ONE fan, you have to write an essay on why you should be allowed to meet them. All in 500 words. That's a fucking punch in the balls/cooch! That's a slap to the face to the millions of fans that want to meet them. Fuck that...



agreed! it’s not like we have lady gaga, beyonce or the fucking backstreet boys here. I always thought they like meeting fans but I guess times change, eh? .-.

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requested scene at 0:38! :)